Visa to enter in Cuba

cuban_tourist_card-sampleNobody must apply for a visa to visit Cuba, because Cuba has opened their borders for travelers from all over the world.

In case of Cuban Nationals, BORN IN CUBA, after June 1, 2004, they must go to the Cuban Consulate to ask for the permanent special Entry Permission (Permiso de Entrada Permanente) if they already have a Cuban passport, updated.

All Cubans living abroad must travel with this permit. In the event that any passanger takes the decision to travel without it and he/she is borded in a plane by mistake and when arriving in Cuba he/she is sent back to departure point, Cuba Travel Corporation takes NO responsability.

Cuba Travel Corporation help you obtaining your visa to enter in Cuba.

It´s a simple tourist card and you can have it with only one requirement: to have your valid passport with you.

Expiring date must be at least 6 months after the date of your trip to Cuba.

Cuba has open borders for tourists from all over the world. Americans are welcome!

To apply for your visa for Cuba, please, send the copy of the main pages of your passport to our offices in Cancun, Mexico.

The regular public price of the Cuban visa is $15 if you are traveling ton Cuba with our agency. If you will do it by yourself, the price is $25,

If you want to receive the Cuban visa at home, we normally ship these kinds of documents by Federal Express where you can track the package via

Delivery cost using FEDEX is $25 in countries around Mexico and $35 to Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.


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