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Packages to Havana from Cancun

Here you are able to book all seats from your home town in route to Cancun, to connect with the next flight to Havana, same day, and be welcome in Cancun and Havana, with a reserved room at the hotel … Seguir leyendo

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Travel packages to Cuba

Cuba Travel Corporation operates travel packages to Cuba, from any city of the world. The best and permanent offers of the market are from Cancun, Mexico. We have three daily flights and in some seasons upto five flights per day. … Seguir leyendo

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Precios de Transfers

Precios de Transfers Colectivo Habana – Varadero ó Varadero – Habana One Way 14 USD/pax Privados 1 a 3 Personas One Way $ 72 /auto 4 a 7 Personas One Way $ 120/micro 8 a 16 Personas One Way $ … Seguir leyendo

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